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With most dental damage, you will know something is wrong. After all, it is hard to miss a tooth that has been knocked out, or the blood, pieces, and pain involved in a broken tooth. A toothache is hard to ignore and you might be able to see a cavity.

A cracked tooth may be a different story. Often cracks are so small that they can’t be seen. They may be so small that your dentist overlooks them, and they may not show up on a dental x-ray. So how do you know if you have a cracked tooth? Usually, pain or sensitivity are indicators of a cracked tooth, even if there is no visible damage.

You may not feel chronic pain. The pain may be sharp or dull, but it will be brief. You will usually experience it when biting or chewing, or when the tooth is exposed to heat or cold. To help your dentist locate the problem you should make a note of where the pain occurred, and what you were doing.

Once the crack has been located, the dentist may be able to treat it with a filling, inlay, onlay or a crown. If the pulp has been compromised, a root canal may be required.

If you have pain in your mouth even if it is slight, it is an indicator that something is wrong, and you should contact your dentist. To treat a cracked tooth or another dental problem you should see our dentist, Dr. Shelly Galvin. To make an appointment at Westwood Dental in Kansas City. Kansas, call 913-432-0765 today. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you find solutions to your dental problems.