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Fillings make good restorations for teeth that have suffered from tooth decay. They restore your chewing surfaces and safeguard the remainder of the tooth. However, fillings do not last forever.

They can endure for a while, usually about 5 to 20 years depending on the filling type. Normal, everyday activities like eating and drinking can wear them down, which is expected. Clenching and grinding your teeth also weakens fillings, as well as natural teeth. Sometimes, tooth decay gets around or underneath the filling and wears down the tooth some more, which compromises both the tooth and the filling.

How can you know if a filling should be replaced or if tooth decay gets underneath it? The dentist is your best source for identifying problems with or around a filling. It is best to visit the dentist for a regular checkup for this purpose

Our dentists may use an explorer to check your filling or fillings. The explorer is a gentle instrument, so no discomfort should be felt when our dentists are examining. Our dentists can find signs of wearing on the filling’s edges with this tool.

The dentists may also take X-rays for further examination. The X-rays can check if decay is developing under the filling.

Should a problem with the filling be noticed, it can be replaced very easily. Our dentists can guide you to a suitable replacement, and guide you on properly caring for it. If any decay is present, our dentists can help you resolve it so your teeth can be protected.

If you ever need to replace a filling, do not hesitate to visit us at Westwood Dental in Kansas City, Kansas. If you get your tooth to Drs. Galvin and Thomas quickly, they can help you feel better. Call 913-432-0765 to let us know if you need anything.