When a tooth has minor decay or damage, our dentists will use a filling to restore the tooth. In the past, we would drill into the tooth to remove the decayed portions of the tooth and fill the area with a restorative material. While we would numb the area, the drilling would often be uncomfortable for you. Fortunately, Westwood Dental no longer uses a drill on most small fillings. For this treatment, we utilize air abrasion technology to spray a fine stream of aluminum oxide powder directly on the site, thus removing all decay. This procedure is far gentler than the traditional method and rarely requires the use of any anesthesia.

Additionally, there are many different materials that Dr. Shelly Galvin can use to restore a tooth. Silver fillings are made of dental amalgam—a mercury silver filling material that grows dark and stains teeth as the years go by. Mercury silver fillings also expand with age while the tooth underneath stays the same size. This change can sometimes cause the teeth to fracture, which is one of the reasons our office no longer uses amalgam fillings. We are able to replace mercury silver fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings that will match your natural tooth color while still restoring your teeth.

If you have any questions about getting a dental filling in Kansas City, Kansas, please contact our office today. We would love to hear from you.