A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth in order to restore the function and appearance of a damaged tooth. Typically, Westwood Dental will use a crown when the damage is too extensive for a filling to restore. Dr. Shelly Galvin will use crowns to fix the following issues:

To protect a weak tooth from breaking or to repair an already broken toothTo restore a tooth damaged by severe tooth decayTo secure a dental bridgeTo cover a misshapen toothTo complete a dental implant

Typically, a dental crown in Kansas City, Kansas, would require at least two visits to the dental office: one to prepare and shape the tooth and another to affix the permanent crown. These visits would often be weeks apart since the permanent crown would need to be made at a laboratory elsewhere. At Westwood Dental, we use the latest dental technology to reduce the number of visits and time it takes to restore your smile with a crown. With our CEREC one-visit restoration system, your custom crown will be made in our dental office the same day as your procedure so that, in just one day, you will have a healthier, more attractive smile.

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