Dentures provide those who are missing their teeth with a practical and aesthetic restorative solution. Rather than have a smile of gums, you can have our dentists replace all or some of your teeth with dentures. Our wonderful team will work with you to discuss the goals you have for your smile and develop a plan of action so that you do not have to go without teeth. If you are only replacing a small section of your smile, then you will need a partial denture, which is a flexible prosthetic that anchors itself to the neighboring teeth. If you are coming to Westwood Dental to replace your entire smile, then you will need a complete denture that adheres to your jaw with an adhesive. Alternatively, your dentures can be attached using specialized dental implants that snap your denture into place.

When replacing your smile, Dr. Shelly Galvin will remove any teeth that may be damaged, infected, or are otherwise keeping you from have the smile you desire. You then have the choice of an immediate denture or a conventional denture. Immediate dentures keep you from having to go without teeth, but they also need to be refitted as your mouth heals. Conventional dentures will be fitted after your mouth has completely healed, and they typically only require one fitting.

For more information about dentures in Kansas City, Kansas, please call or visit Westwood Dental today. Our dentists love hearing from you.