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What is a dental bonding?

A cosmetic resin (plastic) fused to tooth enamel.

What can a bonding do?

A bonding is mostly used for cosmetic purposes like covering chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth. It can also be used to protect an exposed tooth root or to fill a cavity.

Is a dental bonding better than other cosmetic restorations?

A bonding is easier to apply, requires less removal of tooth enamel, and isn’t as expensive as other cosmetic restorations (like veneers and crowns). Though it isn’t as strong or stain-resistant as these restorations, a bonding is a good option for small cosmetic changes.

How long does a bonding take to apply?

A bonding does not need to be sent to a dental lab for creation, so usually only a single, 30-60 minute appointment with the dentist is required.

Does a dental bonding hurt to apply?

No, your dentist applies the bonding as a putty-like substance before hardening it. The only time anesthesia is needed is if the bonding is filling a cavity.

Can a bonding stain?

A bonding does have stain-resistant qualities, but it is not completely impervious to stains. Avoid frequently consuming tooth-staining substances like coffee or tea.

Can a bonding break?

A dental bonding is strong, but it can still fracture. Avoid chewing on pencils, ice, and fingernails to prevent damage to the bonding.

How long does a dental bonding last?

A bonding can last 3-10 years before needing replacement.

How do I care for a dental bonding?

Follow the same oral hygiene practices as you do for your normal teeth: brushing and flossing daily.