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Are you struggling with your dental health because your braces seem to get in the way when you are flossing? You aren’t the only one to have faced this frustration, but we would like to try and help make it a little easier for you with a few tips and tricks.

Most stores that sell dental hygiene products, like toothpaste and toothbrushes, may also sell orthodontic floss threaders. Perhaps the hardest part of flossing with braces is getting the floss to go underneath the wire, but with the threader it can be as simple as sewing. The threader can provide the stability needed to get the floss under the wire and enable you to floss. Before you remove the floss and threader to move on to the next tooth, you should be certain that you have gently flossed up to your gum line.

It could also be beneficial to use waxed dental floss as it can easily slip in between your teeth without becoming caught. Non-waxed floss could get caught on the brackets and could leave thin threads behind in their wake.

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