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You might not know it, but April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. At Westwood Dental, we are committed to your complete oral health, which includes cancer. Getting screened for oral cancer can not only facilitate timely treatment, but may actually save your life.

Oral cancer is discovered in nearly 50,000 new people every year in this country. And while less than 3% of all new cancer cases, oral cancer is quite dangerous. Its 5-year survival rate is less than 60%, meaning that more than 20,000 of those diagnosed this year will die by the year 2021. Oral cancer is so dangerous not because it is hard to discover or diagnose, but because it goes undiscovered for too long due to a patient not being screened.

Many people don’t think to get screened for oral cancer because they just aren’t very aware of it. It isn’t as common as other cancers. It also does not tend to show signs of its presence in its earlier stages. When symptoms, such as white or red patches in the mouth or canker-like ulcers, do appear, they are easy to dismiss or misinterpret. You can see why getting regularly screened is so important. And for this reason, Drs. Shelly Galvin include an oral cancer screening with every regular visit from every patient.

A simple cancer screening can detect problems before they become major, potentially even saving your life. To learn more about oral cancer screenings or make an appointment at Westwood Dental, please call our Kansas City, KS, office today. Don’t let the month pass without getting checked!