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An unappealing smile can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. Dr. Shelly Galvin have the tools, training and experience to help you find the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted.

Every day millions of Americans look in the mirror and wish they had a bright white smile, but they’re not completely sure what the best method is. Drs. Shelly Galvin advise that the degree of stains on your teeth will go a long way towards determining the safest and most effective way to meet your whitening goals.

Using a whitening toothpaste in your daily oral hygiene routine is an easy way to whiten minor stains on your teeth. This can be a very simple way to reduce minor surface stains between dental cleaning appointments. Moderate to deeply stained will require stronger measures.

Whitening strips are another popular for active people who want to whiten minor stains. You simply apply the strips to your teeth and wear them as you go about your day. The clear plastic makes it hard for the casual observer to even notice you’re wearing them.

Whitening gel uses whitening agents in stronger concentration than toothpaste or strips. To use them, you pour a small amount of the whitening gel into the provided trays and hold them your mouth.

If your teeth have moderate to deep stains, Dr. Shelly Galvin can safely and effectively whitening them by administering a professional tooth bleaching procedure.

If you would like to explore your whitening options, you should call Dr. Shelly Galvin at 913-432-0765 to schedule an appointment.