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Impaired ability to bite and chew food is just one of the problems related to tooth loss. Depending on the location of the missing tooth it can also affect your speech or leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance when you smile.

Should you choose not to have the tooth replaced in a reasonable amount of time the large gap between the teeth could cause them to drift out of their intended alignment. This, in turn, could increase your chances of suffering chipped tooth enamel, dental fractures and problems dental attrition.

To prevent these potential complications, a dentist like Dr. Shelly Galvin and Dr. Kritika Thomas might recommend installing a dental bridge over the void. This is essentially a replacement tooth that has been completely fused to dental crowns on each end. The treatment process calls for creating a pair of abutments by removing the tooth enamel layers from the neighboring teeth.

Once your dental bridge has been prepared you will need to return to Westwood Dental to have it cemented onto the two anchoring abutments. This will complete the treatment process to prevent further complications and restore the basic function of the tooth.

If you are in Kansas City, Kansas, and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 913-432-0765 to explore the restoration options available at Westwood Dental.