What Qualifies as Needing an Inlay or Onlay?

Normally, if you have a cavity, a traditional dental filling or restoration will be performed; however, if you have an extensive fracture or severely decayed tooth, you may not qualify for one. A normal restoration could compromise the structural integrity of the damaged tooth. Read today's blog to learn when... Read more »

What to Do If You Have Lost a Dental Crown

Your new dental crown was made to restore and protect its tooth for a long time, but unfortunate occurrences such as a blow to the face or gum disease can cause the dental crown to come loose and need to be restored by the dentist. Until you can come see... Read more »

How to Safely Navigate the Holiday Feasting While Protecting Your Teeth

Fall is here and with it comes the holiday festivities laden with foods and beverages that aren't good for our teeth. We would like to help you navigate this season of celebration by reminding you of the foods that can harm our smiles, to better prepare you when you are... Read more »

Do You Have Dental Floss Questions? Here Are Your Answers

Dental floss is a great tool that helps you clean the crevices of your smile, which is necessary for a top-notch oral health and smile. Sometimes it’s tough to use dental floss or even know which floss is the best floss to use. To help you know a little more... Read more »

Addressing Cracked Tooth Syndrome

With most dental damage, you will know something is wrong. After all, it is hard to miss a tooth that has been knocked out, or the blood, pieces, and pain involved in a broken tooth. A toothache is hard to ignore and you might be able to see a cavity.... Read more »

The Answers You’re Looking for About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an effective way of saving teeth. If your dentist, Dr. Shelly Galvin, recommended root canal therapy in Kansas City, Kansas, then you’re about to restore the full function and health of your tooth. To help you know more about the treatment, our dental team is happy... Read more »

Dental Bonding Procedure 101

One of the simplest procedures you can find in the dentistry world is the process of a dental bonding being placed. This can fix a small flaw in your smile whether it’s discoloration, a chip, an alternative to fillings, or even a stain. Dr. Shelly Galvin and our dental staff... Read more »

An Oral Cancer Screening Is One Important Aspect of Your Routine Dental Checkup

The American Dental Association recommends having a dentist perform a routine dental checkup twice each year. This will clean your teeth of plaque and tartar while also monitoring the health of every component of your mouth. Early detection of oral health maladies can significantly improve your chances of treatment success.... Read more »

Dental Fillings Can Be Made from Different Materials

When one of your teeth is chipped or suffers from a cavity it can cause significant discomfort. If it’s detected early, our dentists, Dr. Shelly Galvin or Dr. Kritika Thomas may be able to treat the compromised tooth by applying a dental filling at their dental office in Kansas City,... Read more »

The Stunning Smiles of Dental Veneers

Are you looking for a stunning smile? If so, you have come to the right place! Here at Westwood Dental in Kansas City, Kansas, our staff is proud to offer you dental veneers, so you can have the stunning smile you always dreamed of! However, what exactly is dental veneers?... Read more »