A Tooth with a Severe Fracture May Need to Be Replaced by a Bridge

There are some rare instances when an oral trauma can fracture a tooth. Minor to modest dental fractures can often be treated by a dental filling, a dental crown, or a root canal. There are some times when damage to the root or the anchoring socket can be so severe... Read more »

Replacing Lost Teeth with a Dental Implant

Do you have lost teeth in your smile? If you have a missing tooth you may be feeling self-conscious when you smile. If this is the case, your dentist, Dr. Shelly Galvin, Dr. Jonathan Smith, and Dr. MeLinda Garcia at Westwood Dental are here to help. We know how missing teeth can... Read more »

An Amalgam Filling Can Repair a Cavity on a Molar or Premolar

The molars and premolars in the back of your mouth are called upon to do a significant amount of chewing and grinding. When a cavity forms on one of these teeth, the heightened sensitivity and discomfort can significantly impair the function of your mouth. If it is detected early, Dr.... Read more »

Tips on How to Maintain Your Natural Teeth as You Age

Are you a senior who wants to keep your natural teeth? If so, our Westwood Dental dental team is happy to help you achieve that smile goal! There are things you can do on a regular basis to keep your smile in tip-top shape, and those things are: -Keep up... Read more »

Planning Ahead for Oral Emergencies

One of the most important steps for dealing with oral emergencies includes planning for oral emergencies. It may not be easy to reach your dentist right away, so it is important that you take the necessary steps to minimize the damage until help is available. While we cannot always prevent... Read more »

Seven Tips for Brushing Your Teeth This Season

It is important to remember to take care of our teeth and gums at all times of the year, perhaps most importantly during the holiday season when we are enraptured with all manner of sweets and treats. If we begin to slack on your daily habits, our oral hygiene can... Read more »

Dental Crown Restorations

Do you ever feel nervous when you meet people? Or perhaps, do you feel self-conscious when it comes to smiling? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people are turning to smile restoration options thanks to the stunning results they have given. Here at Westwood Dental in Kansas City,... Read more »

Can You Cure Black Hairy Tongue?

Does your tongue look black or feel a little hairy? While this is uncommon, it is actually a harmless condition referred to as black hairy tongue. Luckily, while this isn’t a pleasant experience, it isn’t typically too difficult to prevent. You see, black hairy tongue is caused when too much... Read more »

How to Whiten your Smile

An unappealing smile can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. Dr. Shelly Galvin have the tools, training and experience to help you find the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. Every day millions of Americans look in the mirror and wish they had a bright white smile,... Read more »

Preventing Common Oral Emergencies

An oral emergency, like biting your tongue or lip, getting something stuck in your teeth or gums, or damage to one of your teeth, can be a cause for serious concern. While it’s impossible to completely prevent an oral emergency from ever happening, we recommend a few simple habits and... Read more »