We understand that it may be hard to find a dentist you trust with your smile. At Westwood Dental, we do our best to put all your anxiety to rest and provide you with fantastic dental care. From our experienced dentists to our friendly staff, we will do everything we can to meet your needs. When you visit Dr. Shelly Galvin you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting top-notch care. We invite you to look over what our patients are saying so you can feel even more confident in your care. We also welcome you to call or visit our dental practice in Kansas City, Kansas, to learn more and to schedule your next visit!


“I  have been going to Westwood Dental since I’ve lived in Kansas City and I can’t recommend them enough. The lower level have always been professional and friendly. The hygienists have always been very professional, friendly, and attentive. Dr Galvin have a good team, and they are pretty consistent over many, many years.”                   John M.

“Everything is state of the art from their treatments, equipment and even their scheduling. In fact I like being able to go to the website to make or reschedule an appointment. I also like how the dentists and their technicians aren’t afraid to offer you advice. They’re genuinely concerned about your teeth and your health.”    Charley B.

“5 stars from the quality of care to the cleanliness of the office. The staff is all super friendly and caring. I’m lucky to live so close to this place.”    Adam S. 

“I’ve been a client of Dr. Galvin’s since I lived in midtown, and that was a pretty long time ago. In well over five years, I’ve never had a single bad experience of any kind. The staff has always been super friendly and professional, and they keep my fangs in bitchin’ shape. What more do you want from a dentist’s office? I keep going to Westwood despite now living on the other side of the city because they’re great. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”    Ryan A.

“I’ve had a longstanding dental fear that has kept me out of the dentists’ office for some time. My husband started going here first and he raved about it, despite having to get a root canal and crown. As an added bonus, our account was given a referral bonus for his recommendation. The facilities are extremely clean, sleek and modern in a standalone building so its easy to find. There are two levels, one for standard cleaning and one for x-rays and more advanced work. The receptionists, dental hygienists and dentists are all extremely kind, concerned and accommodating. They took every measure to assure I was comfortable and knew what they were doing and why it needed to be done. They outlined all of the work they recommended and compared it with my insurance to show me exactly what I could plan on doing within a year to maximize my coverage and minimize my out of pocket costs. I can’t say enough great things about this dental practice, and I have always hated to go to the dentist!”   Caroline K.

“A wonderful group of professionals.  Thorough, knowledgeable and friendly.  The hygienist are very well trained and accommodating to those with special needs. I have experienced all three doctors for various checks and procedures.  Each was talented and kind. All visit outcomes were very positive.”   Brett C.

“Every time I go I am super pleased with the service, the detail in which they track my health care and just overall knowledge they provide. My hygienist is great and the dentist have done a nice job keeping my teeth in good shape. Their check in is so easy. And they keep up with technology to facilitate customer service.”  Jessica L.

“The Westwood Dental crew is arguably one of the most amazing Dental teams in the entire country. They are quick, very cordial, highly professional, and always do top notch work. I love Dr. Galvin and the rest of the crew at Westwood Dental. Thanks for the many years of great service. ”   Mike R.