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Your new dental crown was made to restore and protect its tooth for a long time, but unfortunate occurrences such as a blow to the face or gum disease can cause the dental crown to come loose and need to be restored by the dentist. Until you can come see Dr. Shelly Galvin, please follow some do’s and don’ts of treating a lost dental crown.

Don’t try to clean the dental crown or its abutment, as this could cause further damage to the dental restoration. If the incident has left blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water, but leave all other forms of cleaning to our team, who are highly trained to treat these situations.

If the crown fell out as a result of bacteria compromising the sealing cement, you may see the abutment sticking up from your gum and the crown looking completely hollow. Dr. Shelly Galvin may be able to clean the crown re-cement it and the abutment into place.

When an abutment breaks off at the gum line or sustains another form of damage, it may be able to be seen inside the crown and will likely need root canal therapy to restore sufficient structure so that there is enough of the tooth to place the dental crown.

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